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Bowsers’s Divorce Process Guide - How To Complete Your Divorce Journey With Ease

At Bowsers Solicitors, we understand how painful filing for divorce can be – but if you have reached this stage, it was likely the right choice. With our Divorce Process Guide, we hope to chaperone you through this difficult time; not only does it come with the dissolution of your marriage, but there are plenty of practical problems that a divorce can pose.

What To Do After You Have Applied For A Decree Nisi

Although divorce is something that you hope never to go through, it cannot always be avoided. The problem for many people is that, if it does happen, they are totally unprepared for it. After all, for the majority of people, it is uncharted waters that they have not sailed through before. This can leave you feeling confused and anxious as to what may come.

Top 5 Most Common Reasons For Divorce

Top 5 Most Common Reasons For Divorce Divorce is relatively common in the UK. While every couple is unique, some common reasons for divorce show up time and time again. Here, we will look at some of the main reasons for divorce and detail how Bowsers Solicitors can help.

When Will The New No Fault Divorce Law Come Into Effect In The UK?

When will the new No Fault Divorce Law come into effect in the UK? As of the current time, there is no easy way to acquire a divorce without claiming one party is at fault. However, this is all set to change with the new No Fault Divorce Law UK. This law will make it easier for amicably separating couples to divorce - read on to answer the question “when does no fault divorce come in UK?” and find out how this will impact separating couples.

Common Causes Of Family Disputes And How To Resolve Them

If you and your partner have irreconcilable differences, legal separation or divorce is often the best way to move forward. To get a divorce in the UK, you must have been married for over a year, and you need to show that your union has broken down irretrievably.

The 5 Things You Should Consider Before Getting A Divorce

Getting a divorce is a difficult time in anyone's life. Besides the obvious ramifications on your home and family life, there are also many legal considerations to bear in mind. If you have no idea where to start or just want some advice on how to proceed, this list of things to consider before getting a divorce will help you navigate the process with as little stress as possible.