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What Are The Steps In a Typical Civil Litigation Case?

A civil litigation case of any kind can feel overwhelming. Whether you find yourself in a dispute regarding property, your business dealings, or another matter, you may be wondering about the steps in civil litigation process. Here, we will take a look at the basic steps.

What Is Civil Litigation?

When you are facing a legal issue, it is always important to know exactly what kind of litigation you might be dealing with. This can dictate the kind of legal support you seek out, and how you handle the case.

The 5 Stages You Need To Be Aware Of When Settling Your Dispute

As much as we would rather not have to think about it, disputes happen from time to time. Whether it is in our personal life or our professional life, there is going to come a time when a dispute is going to arise. How you deal with it and the steps that you take to resolve it, could greatly affect the outcome of the dispute. As much as they can be stressful, you can increase the chances of resolving them quickly by following this guide.

Statutory Demand - Is It Worth The Risk?

One of the debt recovery options available to you, if you are owed money by an individual or a company, is to introduce the threat of bankruptcy or liquidation as a form of leverage to get them to pay.

Debt Recovery - What Are Your Options?

Debt recovery is necessary when you're owed a debt that hasn't been paid. It doesn't matter whether it's a commercial business debt or a private personal debt, if you're owed money that hasn't been repaid, you need to think about how you're going to get it back.

Charging Orders - A Useful Debt Recovery Tool

When you take someone to court for an unpaid debt, you hope they will respond to the court order to pay the money they owe.