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4 Types Of Boundary Disputes And How To Deal With Them

Boundary disputes often occur between neighbours. However, there are actually four types of boundary disputes which may arise. Being aware of which type of dispute you may be engaged in is very useful for knowing how best to deal with it.

How Do I Resolve A Boundary Dispute?

Owning property is a rewarding feeling – however, boundary disputes often crop up. These can be caused by a number of factors. Here, we will seek to explain to you why boundary disputes arise, how best to solve boundary disputes, who can help, and when the right time to take legal action may be.

4 Signs of Potential Boundary Troubles to Look Out For When House Hunting

A boundary dispute can be extremely unpleasant, souring relationships between neighbours and making you feel uncomfortable in your own home. It's always better to try and avoid these disputes in the first place, so here are four warning signs to look out for when house hunting.

When And How To Escalate A Boundary Dispute

Knowing how to resolve boundary disputes can be difficult, as they can be a process fraught with high tensions and hostility. If you want to know how to win a boundary dispute, it's first important to know exactly what one is, and what the common process for resolving one normally looks like.

Bowsers Solicitors: An Introduction To Boundary Disputes

One of the most common domestic issues that solicitors deal with is a boundary dispute. This occurs when two neighbours disagree on who owns a piece of land between their two properties. Although boundary disputes are rarely very serious in the grand scheme of things, they can make life extremely unpleasant for both parties. Because the disagreement is between two people who live in close proximity, an unresolved boundary dispute can lead to extreme acrimony and can cause one or both parties to feel unsafe in their home. For that reason, it’s best to solve boundary disputes as quickly and as civilly as possible.