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4 Qualities To Look For In An Estate Agent

4 Qualities To Look For In An Estate Agent

We believe that one of the best and most important pieces of advice for people looking to sell a property is to thoroughly research estate agents before settling on one. A good estate agent will be open and honest about your situation, helping you find a property that fulfils your needs and fits within your budget. They will also be able to explain the selling process clearly and will be upfront about any fees you will need to pay. Indeed, a good estate agent will not throw any hidden costs at you.Download the FREE Bowsers Conveyancing Process Guide today!
At Bowsers, we have many years’ worth of experience dealing with the legal side of buying or selling freehold and leasehold properties. Solicitors and estate agents often have to work together to offer progress updates and discuss the needs of particular buyers or sellers. As conveyancing specialists, we have developed a keen eye for the qualities you should look for in a good estate agent. These include:

1. Strong Local Knowledge

A good estate agent should be able to demonstrate excellent knowledge about a local area. This includes factors such as local amenities, any nearby schools, transport links, and job opportunities.

2. Good Communicators

A good estate agent will be able to liaise with you as and when you require it. This means that they will send timely emails and be receptive to your phone calls.

3. A Strong Reputation

Remember to check out any testimonials related to your chosen estate agents online. If they have high star ratings and complimentary reviews, they are likely to offer an efficient and valuable service.

Remember also to look for any warning signs that the estate agent is not completely honest when reading reviews. A good estate agent will be upfront about potential fees and will be committed to helping you find the right home.

4. Organisational Skills

If you’re on the lookout for an estate agent, shortlist a few of your favourites and give them a visit. This will give you an insight into how organised they are. Consider factors such as how quickly you are seen and whether staff members seem stressed or flustered.

Talk To Bowsers

When you have selected the best estate agent to suit your needs, give Bowsers a call and we will take away the stress of the legal work.


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