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Proud To Sponsor These Two Brilliant Local Teams!

Proud To Sponsor These Two Brilliant Local Teams!(1)

Here at Bowsers, we’re proud to serve our local Fenland community and surrounding areas. For many years, we’ve provided the highest quality legal advice to local businesses and individuals but you may not know that we also provide shirt sponsorship to Wisbech Rugby Club and March Soccer School Academy!
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So, when you go along to support your local teams, you may see the Bowsers logo proudly displayed on the players’ shirts.

March Academy FC

March Academy FC is a local football school based in March.

Some years ago, a member of staff in our March office told us that her grandson played for the team. Bowsers are keen to support local clubs and groups, so we decided that investing in junior sport would be a good idea, and we've been proud to sponsor March Academy FC for the last five years.

Local kids can get into playing football from the age of six via the academy’s full training programme that runs throughout the autumn and winter. Successful players can go on to play for the adult team too, once they reach the age of 18.

The March Academy teams play on Saturdays and Sundays. Why not go along to show your support for these up and coming young players? You might even see one or two of them running out for England in years to come!

Wisbech Rugby Club

We first began our sponsorship of Wisbech Rugby Club over five years ago. A former employee was a big rugby fan, and when the opportunity to sponsor a local team came up, Bowsers took it. We like to put money back into our community, and sponsoring local teams is a great way to do that.

The Wisbech Rugby Club ground is about half a mile from our offices, so it couldn’t be more local to us!

The money we give to the club is used to pay for new match kit, as and when it’s required. As sponsors, we have our logo displayed on the players’ shirts, and we go along to support the team at matches whenever we can.

Both these great local clubs have Facebook pages where you can keep up to date with what’s happening, including match results, opportunities for teams, and training times.

As respected, longstanding local solicitors, Bowsers are here to help you with any legal matters. Give our friendly team of experts a call today.

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