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4 Signs of Potential Boundary Troubles to Look Out For When House Hunting

A boundary dispute can be extremely unpleasant, souring relationships between neighbours and making you feel uncomfortable in your own home. It's always better to try and avoid these disputes in the first place, so here are four warning signs to look out for when house hunting.

When is a Debt Not Worth Pursuing?

It's essential that you make reasonable efforts to pursue any debts that you are owed. Not doing so can cause serious problems for your cash flow, and in an uncertain economy, that's undesirable to say the least. There may be times, however, when it's simply not worth pursuing any more.

Can I Evict a Tenant During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

If you're a landlord, there may be some uncertainty about what you can and can't do regarding your tenants during the coronavirus pandemic. Compassion is of the utmost importance at such a difficult time, and so landlords and tenants are advised to work together as much as possible in order to ensure situations remain as mutually beneficial as possible. There may be times where you just reach an impasse, however, and the only option you feel you have as a landlord is eviction. Can you actually do it, though?

Wrongful Dismissal: Can my Boss Fire me During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The Coronavirus pandemic has made the employment situation a lot harder for many people, both employers and employees. You may be worried that your employer might fire you, but is it an actual possibility?

Debt Recovery - the Importance of Background Checks

Debt recovery can be a difficult and time-consuming process, and if you hire a dedicated debt recovery specialist it can become expensive too. That means it's important to avoid the risk of a debtor not paying what they're owed. To mitigate that risk, it's up to you to do the necessary background checks before you lend even a single penny.

What is Stamp Duty?

When buying a property, one of the terms that often causes confusion is Stamp Duty. Despite this, it is actually one of the easiest to explain. Put simply, Stamp Duty is a tax that you must pay when purchasing a property or a piece of land in England or Northern Ireland.