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When To Consider a Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting power of attorney (LPA) is a type of power of attorney that comes into effect when a person loses the mental capacity to make important decisions for themselves.

Solicitors, Charted Legal Executives, Barristers and Lawyers: What Is The Difference?

What Is a Solicitor? A solicitor is a qualified legal practitioner who has the responsibility of preparing legal documents, as well as defending their client or representing in their best legal interests. A solicitor will offer you legal advice on a wide selection of areas within the law and can help a range of clients from individuals to small businesses.

Expert Conveyancing Services - Buying and Selling the Right Way

Whether you are buying or selling a property for the first time or if you have been through the process before, there is still much you may not be aware of when it comes to conveyancing. For that reason, we have put together a guide to help answer your questions and give you peace of mind.

Your Guide To Buying Commercial Property With Existing Tenants

Commercial landlords are increasingly choosing to purchase properties with tenants already in place. There are a number of advantages to this approach. You can begin collecting rent immediately without having to advertise for tenants, and the property is likely to meet legal health and safety standards since it has already been let.

How Much Is The Cost Of Moving House Overall?

Are you considering moving house, but feeling a little overwhelmed by all the considerations you need to be aware of? It can be quite daunting, and the reality is that the fees and costs can add up. The best way to keep the costs at a minimum is to have a good understanding of where they come from, so that you can plan accordingly and get a good idea of what your expenses will be. You may find some areas where there are savings to be made.

Watch out for this growing scam in the legal sector!

Fraudsters are unfortunately a constant threat to us all in our daily lives. Law firms and their clients are a prime target for this kind of criminal. This is easy to understand when you think of the large amounts of money that are regularly passing in and out of a law firm's bank account.