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What To Do After You Have Applied For A Decree Nisi

Although divorce is something that you hope never to go through, it cannot always be avoided. The problem for many people is that, if it does happen, they are totally unprepared for it. After all, for the majority of people, it is uncharted waters that they have not sailed through before. This can leave you feeling confused and anxious as to what may come.

Everything You Need to Know About Settlement Agreements

Regrettably, not every relationship between an employer and an employee lasts. Thus, it is not uncommon for potential claims to materialise after an employee is told that their contract is due to cease, especially if they feel there is no just cause for the decision made against them. Whether the employee is factually or morally at fault or not, a legally bound agreement of this kind can be used to step in and settle any discrepancies before they spiral further.

Understanding Coercive Control: Identifying Different Types Of Domestic Violence

Some forms of abuse involved in domestic violence can be very insidious and difficult to spot.

The 5 Stages You Need To Be Aware Of When Settling Your Dispute

As much as we would rather not have to think about it, disputes happen from time to time. Whether it is in our personal life or our professional life, there is going to come a time when a dispute is going to arise. How you deal with it and the steps that you take to resolve it, could greatly affect the outcome of the dispute. As much as they can be stressful, you can increase the chances of resolving them quickly by following this guide.

The Stamp Duty Holiday Has Come To An End - What Happens Now?

Over the Covid-19 pandemic, an effort to keep the property market stimulated and active was made, including a stamp duty holiday.

Homeless Crisis Imminent After Eviction Bans End

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone, but it has been especially challenging for those struggling with housing issues. Here, we will examine this crisis, and look at how much worse it may get in the near future as the eviction ban ends.