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3 Reasons Why You Must Communicate With Your Conveyancer

Buying or selling a house is a complex legal process with lots to sort out. For this reason, it is essential to use a conveyancing lawyer to help.

How To Report Workplace Harassment

There are many layers to workplace harassment, and it is vital to be able to spot this so that you can seek the right help. Here, we take a closer look at workplace harassment.

What Constitutes Harassment From a Neighbour?

No one deserves to live in fear. Recently, there has been a shocking story in the news, detailing an elderly “nightmare neighbour” terrorising a family by taking photographs of them, abusing them verbally, and causing criminal damage to their car.

Can I Sue My Neighbours For Harassment? 

Suffering from harassment from a neighbour can lead to you feeling unsafe and unhappy in your own home. There is the possibility that you can sue your neighbours for harassment, depending on the distinct form of harassment, there are different options available.

Protected Characteristics In The Workplace

Discrimination can become present in the workplace. However, those subject to discrimination should gain confidence in the fact that there is legislation designed to protect them from specifically targeted discrimination - these are known as “protected characteristics”.

Workplace Harassment

Harassment can be one of the most upsetting and challenging experiences someone can go through - and yet it is still common in many workplaces. Bowsers Solicitors may have the ability to help you in a claim of workplace harassment, but it is first important to understand harassment further.