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How Much Is The Cost Of Moving House Overall?

Are you considering moving house, but feeling a little overwhelmed by all the considerations you need to be aware of? It can be quite daunting, and the reality is that the fees and costs can add up. The best way to keep the costs at a minimum is to have a good understanding of where they come from, so that you can plan accordingly and get a good idea of what your expenses will be. You may find some areas where there are savings to be made.

Watch out for this growing scam in the legal sector!

Fraudsters are unfortunately a constant threat to us all in our daily lives. Law firms and their clients are a prime target for this kind of criminal. This is easy to understand when you think of the large amounts of money that are regularly passing in and out of a law firm's bank account.

Making A Will Or Giving A Gift On Your Deathbed

In an ideal world, you will have made your Will well in advance of your passing. This is the best way to avoid legal disputes between those inheriting. However, in some cases, Wills will be made or gifts will be given on your deathbed. What does this mean, legally? What kind of gifts can be left and are they valid? Read on to find out.

The Most Common Probate Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

There is no doubt that making an application for probate can be complex. Many people will try to handle it alone and take on all the work involved personally, but this can leave you open to making costly errors that bring extra work and delays.

All I Want For Christmas Is A Divorce: Why Divorce Rates Spike At Christmas

You may have noticed a trend in the period directly after the festive season - a trend regarding the number of breakups and divorces you encounter. In fact, the first working Monday in January has been nicknamed 'Divorce Day'. This is the day when lawyers and law firms receive a surge in fresh enquiries from couples about getting a divorce.

How To Get A Divorce In the Covid 19 Pandemic

42% of all marriages end in divorce, and the chances are that number might even be a little higher during lockdown. It's not easy to be cooped up together all day every day, even when you're married. If you're considering ending your marriage, here's everything you need to know about getting a divorce during the coronavirus pandemic.